Some capsules can be opened or crushed, others best left shut.

Classic capsules provide reliable nutrient deployment.

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Curated list of chewables for taste & efficacy often crushed.

For some children, chewing can be easier than swallowing regular capsules. Plus, chewables can offer a higher vitamin content than gummies or liquids.

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Not just for toddlers! A mom favorite, just be sure to cut for choking risks for toddlers.

Fun, squishy and fortified with vitamins, these can be just the cure for picky eaters.

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Easy to swallow, can modify the dose based on age.

Providing the easiest-to-swallow option, liquids allow you to modify your dosage for different ages and weights.

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Great option for younger children and often provides dense nutrition.

Can open up different options for delivery (like mixed into a beverage or meal), and can absorb into the body faster.

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From gummies and chewables to capsules and liquids, we have everything to help your family feel their best.